Thursday, April 20, 2006

Franz Ferdinand to record with Sparks

Franz Ferdinand have announced their new album will feature collaborations with 80s band Sparks.

Frontman Alex Kapranos said he was ecstatic when the two groups discussed the plan last month.

"We had an amazing lunch with Sparks a few months ago and a tentative suggestion was made," he revealed. "It was such a great moment meeting them."

It appears they will work together on covers as well as new songs.

"We've met with the band a few times in Los Angeles," said Sparks' Russell Mael. "The original idea was to gather a dozen or so Sparks songs as sort of a stamp of approval of our band.

“And they want to do one or two songs where we write and perform them together. We hope it will happen as soon as there is a gap in both bands' schedules."

"There is a similar spirit to both our bands," Mael continued. "We take care with the lyrics to make them something special."