Thursday, September 23, 2004

VIDEO: My Baby's Taking Me Home

An amazing animated video for My Baby's Taking Me Home has been created by the animator Shaw Petronio

The video will initially be available online through various sites - presently:

Shaw Petronio - Director and creator of The Sparks music video 'My Baby's Taking Me Home'.

Shaw Petronio was brought up with both parents working in the animation business (in the time when it was all hand drawn and painted) and so had little chance ending up anywhere else except art college at 19 (St Martins - big deal). Art college lead to a band (obviously) and while he still continued to paint and draw he pursued a somewhat unsuccessful pop career with the band Lo Williams. During the eight or so years of getting this out of his system, 'doing stuff' on computers became alot easier i.e. Animation and Video and Shaw started taking his ideas into the digital arena. So as the band life started fading away he found the artist in him turning towards Animation and Digital Video where it still is today and has been for five years.

Shaw met Sparks via chance encounter with one of Sparks' road crew and heard that they were looking for some new stage visuals. Shaw and a mate ( VJ Ben Cowen) pitched against a couple of big production houses and got the gig! Shaw worked closely with Ron and Russell to produce the projected stage visuals and animations for the Little Beethoven world tour and after its' success was asked to do the music video for My Baby's Taking Me Home (His first music video).

' Animators tend to make the more bizare stuff because in the world of animation the canvas is unlimited.'

Shaw's style is 'different' to say the least but he's not without influences, namely Terry Gilliam (Monty Python, Fear and Loathing), Stephen Johnson (Sledghammer) and David Lynch (Wild at heart). He likes to 'mix it up' combining animation and filmed action with grainy effects, but also looks forward to making completely filmed videos (with a twist).

Shaw Petronio is a animator/filmmaker who likes pushing boundries and escaping stereotypes and prefers working with like minded people.He is based in southern Sweden and shares a studio with fellow film maker Anders Weberg with whom he is collaborating on his next music video.


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